Letter: Gordon files for county commissioner

Today, I am announcing that I have thrown my hat in the ring and I have formally filed as a Republican candidate for county commissioner of District 3 Westminster. I was born and raised in Westminster and many of its residents and organizations have molded me into who I am today. Our great county is where my wife and I both spent our formative years and I am also a small business owner. Growing up in Carroll County, I attended our outstanding public school system graduating from Westminster High School and later, graduating from Western Maryland College, now McDaniel College.

My commitment to my community is a significant part of who I am as a person, from earning the rank of Eagle Scout in my youth to my involvement with numerous community organizations. I am currently involved with the Boys & Girls Club of Westminster, the Carroll County Land Trust and the Historical Society of Carroll County. I have and continue to be committed to the long-term viability of our community.

If elected commissioner I will be available and responsive to any and all inquires. While some see the position of county commissioner as part-time job, I will not be operating in that manner. It is the purpose of those who choose a role in public service to be available to all constituents; not just on Tuesdays and Thursdays. As your commissioner I will be an advocate to all of my constituents, including the people of District 3 and all county residents.

I do not receive any income from organizations that receive county funding, so I am not beholden to the interests of any other parties. I am here to serve the people of Carroll County.

It is an honor, privilege and a great responsibility to be considered to be your next county commissioner for District 3 and I actively welcome your thoughts, opinions and concerns. Carroll County has achieved great things in our 180 years of history and I know that together we will have a successful and prosperous future ahead of us.

For more information visit: www.facebook.com/TomGordonforCarroll

Tom Gordon



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